Scottsdale Backyard Landscaping Ideas

8 Amazing Scottsdale Backyard Ideas (That you haven't seen)

Scottsdale has some amazing backyard ideas that take advantage of the unique Scottsdale landscape. Below, you'll find our top Scottsdale landscaping ideas that really display the backyard as a key focal point that will amaze you and your guests- all while greatly upping your Scottsdale home's resell value.
8 Amazing Scottsdale Backyard Ideas (That you haven't seen)

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Scottsdale Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona then you understand the importance of a quality backyard. Not only can it reach 120 degrees in the summer time, but Scottsdale nights can make your backyard the ideal place for hanging out. Check out these unique Scottsdale backyard landscaping ideas.

Southwestern Starlight Cinema

This is truly an amazing backyard landscaping Idea for Scottdale. Transform your backyard in Scottsdale into your very own open-air movie theater under the clear Arizona sky. Start by choosing a spot for your large, retractable movie screen - make sure it's in a location where light from the house or streetlights won't interfere with your viewing experience.

Next, design a multi-level seating area using natural, locally sourced stone to create a series of tiered benches. Cover them with comfortable outdoor cushions and plenty of cozy blankets for those cooler desert evenings. If your yard space allows, you might even incorporate a couple of hammocks for a truly laid-back viewing experience.

Scottsdale Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Experts at Wiring Pros Electricians in  Scottsdale suggest that when setting up an outdoor movie theatre as part of your Scottsdale backyard landscaping, consult with a professional electrician to ensure proper electrical wiring and installation. They can help with the placement of outdoor outlets, weatherproofing measures, and the correct installation of lighting and audio equipment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable movie-watching experience in your Scottsdale backyard.
Scottsdale backyard landscaping ideas

Sonoran Sunset Oasis

Envision your backyard in Scottsdale as a breathtaking oasis with a twist of tropical luxury right in the heart of Scottsdale. Build a lagoon-style pool, designed with natural rock formations and a cascading waterfall for a refreshing ambiance. The star feature would be a swim-up bar, nestled under a custom-designed palapa. It's stocked with bar stools submerged in the pool for that cool, relaxing sit-down. Around the pool, place heat-resistant, lounging furniture atop flagstone, accented with bright, southwestern-themed cushions.

Dot the surroundings with native, low-water-use plants and strategically positioned solar tiki torches, offering a soft, enchanting glow as the sun dips below the horizon. With the Sonoran Sunset Oasis, your backyard becomes an exclusive, resort-style retreat that merges the luxuries of a tropical getaway with the beautiful simplicity of desert living.

Pool building pros at BD Pools in Scottsdale say that when incorporating a swim-up bar into your backyard landscaping, work closely with a pool builder to ensure proper design and functionality. Consider features such as built-in seating, easy access to the bar area, and strategically placed shade elements to create a luxurious and enjoyable poolside experience in the hot Scottsdale climate.

Dolphin Pool Builders suggest that designing a lagoon style pool as part of your backyard landscaping, you should focus on incorporating natural elements like rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and lush vegetation to create a serene oasis. Opt for a pool shape that mimics the organic contours found in nature, and consider adding mood lighting and comfortable seating areas to enhance the relaxing ambiance of your Scottsdale backyard lagoon.

Features to Consider with Landscape Ideas in Scottsdale, Arizona

To understand how to best to turn your Scottsdale backyard idea into the perfect picture for Scottsdale backyard ideas, you first need to understand what Scottsdale landscaping entails. Below are various features to take into consideration when making your dream backyard come to life.

Climate Adaptation: Scottsdale is located in the Sonoran Desert and has a hot desert climate. Therefore, any idea should be able to withstand high temperatures, intense sunlight, and limited rainfall. Backyards should have elements that can survive and thrive in such an environment. Water-efficient and heat-tolerant plants or landscaping elements would be crucial.

Outdoor Entertainment: Given the weather and the tendency for people in Scottsdale to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, any backyard design idea should consider elements that facilitate outdoor entertainment. These could include things like barbecue areas, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and patios.

Shade and Cooling: Shade structures are essential to make the outdoors more comfortable in the intense Arizona sun. This can involve pergolas, shade sails, patio covers, and even large desert-adapted trees.

Water Features: While conserving water is crucial in a desert climate, the cooling visual and auditory effect of water features can make them an appealing addition to backyards in Scottsdale. However, they need to be designed to minimize water loss through evaporation.

Privacy: Because many backyards in Scottsdale may be exposed to neighbors or public view, privacy features might be essential in many designs. This could be achieved through the strategic use of plants, fences, or walls.

Natural Aesthetics: Given its location in the Sonoran Desert, incorporating elements of the natural desert landscape is a common trend. This might include rocks, sand, desert plants like cacti and succulents, and maybe even native art and decorations.

Lighting: Given the heat during the day, many activities might happen during the cooler evening hours. Good lighting, therefore, becomes an essential part of any backyard idea. This might include landscape lighting, path lighting, and accent lighting.

Sustainability: As water is a scarce resource in Scottsdale, using drought-resistant plants and xeriscaping (landscaping in a style that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water) would be important considerations. Additionally, materials and installations should ideally be durable and long-lasting to reduce their environmental impact.

Wildlife Attraction: For some homeowners, attracting local wildlife like birds, bees, or butterflies could be a part of their backyard goals. Therefore, incorporating native plants, bird feeders, or small water features could be components of a design.

Activity Areas: Depending on the homeowner's hobbies and preferences, activity areas like a swimming pool, a putting green for golf enthusiasts, a bocce ball court, or a vegetable garden could be incorporated into the backyard design.

Remember, the best Scottsdale backyard landscaping ideas should be customized according to the homeowner's needs and preferences while staying in tune with the region's climate and culture.

Desert Links Retreat

Transform your Scottsdale backyard into a golfer's paradise by integrating a personalized putting green, mirroring the essence of Scottsdale's famed golf courses. Use high-quality, weather-resistant synthetic turf to carve out a miniature course featuring a few holes with differing levels of complexity, creating a practical yet fun golfing experience.

Enhance the naturalistic feel with sandy 'bunkers' and strategic landscaping using native, drought-tolerant plants and cacti to frame the fairways. Add a small, shaded patio nearby, furnished with comfortable seating, a beverage cooler, and golf equipment storage, offering a relaxing spot to unwind after a game. With the Desert Links Retreat, you combine your passion for golf with the convenience and beauty of your own backyard, creating a unique, golfer's haven amidst the scenic beauty of Scottsdale.

Landscaping ideas for backyards in Scottsdale

Sonoran Adventure Park

Here is a Scottsdale backyard idea that is for the little ones. Ignite the imagination of your children by turning your Scottsdale backyard into a desert-themed adventure playground. Start with a custom-made playset built from natural materials like wood and rope to blend with the landscape. It might include a climbing wall, swing set, and slide, all shaded with a canvas awning to protect from the Arizona sun. Create a sandy play area, reminiscent of Scottsdale's desert environment, complete with a 'fossil' dig zone using buried, safe-to-touch replica artifacts.

Include a splash pad area with water jets for a cooling playtime option on hotter days. Line the perimeter with native, child-friendly plants to enhance the adventure vibe while providing privacy. With the Sonoran Adventure Park, you're not just creating a backyard playground, but an interactive, imaginative, and educational space that children will

Experts at Precision Pest Control in Scottsdale mention that when designing an adventure park for kids in your backyard landscaping, consider pest control measures such as regular inspection and maintenance. Implement proper drainage systems, remove standing water sources, and keep play areas clear of debris to minimize pest attraction and create a safe, pest-free environment for children to enjoy their adventures in Scottsdale.

Desert Beauty

Blend the natural beauty of the desert with a touch of luxury. Use native, drought-resistant plants, large boulders, and sand-colored pathways. Add a modern touch with a geometric plunge pool surrounded by sleek decking for a refreshing dip on those hot days. Parts of this desert beauty could consist of climate controlled areas that are better conditions for certain types of tress and plants.

backyard ideas for landscaping
Technicians from Cooler AC Today recommends that when planning your backyard landscaping, ensure proper airflow and shade around climate-controlled areas such as outdoor kitchens or covered patios to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Use shading elements like pergolas or retractable awnings strategically to minimize direct sunlight and consider incorporating ceiling fans to improve air circulation, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient outdoor living space in Scottsdale's warm climate.
landscaping ideas for the back yard

Outdoor Fitness Zone

Set up an outdoor workout space with fitness equipment that's resistant to the elements. Add a covered area for yoga or Pilates, with a zen-like atmosphere using bamboo screens and a water feature for soothing sounds.

Native Wildlife Sanctuary

Attract local birds and pollinators with native flowering plants, bird feeders, and bird baths. A quiet, shaded bench can serve as your observation spot.


Desert Zen Garden

Create a tranquil retreat by adapting the concept of a Japanese Zen garden to suit the Scottsdale backyard desert environment. Use gravel, larger stones, and sparse, hardy plantings, including Bonsai-styled desert trees. Add a small, covered meditation spot for a peaceful retreat.

Quality Counts with Scottsdale, Arizona Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Once you have decided on your Scottsdale, Arizona backyard landscaping idea and are ready to start the process, the single most important factor you need to focus on next, is quality. When it comes to Scottsdale backyard landscaping ideas, research is key to weeding out those who will cause more harm then good to your backyard landscaping dream. If possible, ask for references from family, friends and even your Scottsdale community neighbors. Go online and check out the reviews of as many local landscaping companies in Scottsdale. Read each one and make sure you filter out fake reviews.
Now get to building your dream backyard!

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