Dream Backyards

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Every Location

Backyard landscaping ideas are different than front yard designs which are generally created for entry convenience, curb appeal, and flashy appeal for the rest of the world to see. Usually of a more personal design, backyards are created for privacy, entertaining, gardening, and relaxing.

You don't usually see any patios, swimming pools, barbeques, or garden ponds in the front yards of most homes. With these types of hardscape elements in mind, most of the budget for most folks goes into the backyard rather than other areas of the property. Along with creating privacy, the entertainment, relaxing, and play areas such as pools and patios can demand quite a bit more of the budget. And while it may be tempting to create an incredible front yard with perfect bent-grass and fountains, it's always a good idea to first see how much of the budget your backyard paradise (with outdoor furniture) is going to use before planning the other areas.

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